3 Common Misconceptions of Running a Fitness Business

3 Common Misconceptions of Running a Fitness Business

Running a fitness business is the ultimate professional dream of many entrepreneurs and business people. And rightly so; running a fitness business is often a profitable way to enjoy an interesting career with a level of independence and autonomy. Because of this, running a fitness business is something a lot of people have contemplated.

However, when thinking about running a fitness business, there are somethings people just don’t understand. There are certain aspects of running a fitness business that are misunderstood by much of the general public. This article will examine three of the most common misconceptions of running a fitness business.

1. The overhead costs are prohibitive

The first thing people often think about when contemplating running a fitness business is how much they will have to pay in overhead. Many people might tell you that other businesses or franchises are better because it simply costs too much to start up a gym or fitness center, due to the equipment and large area required.

This might be true for some franchises or if you’re looking to go it alone and you don’t have a good template, but it is possible to run a successful fitness business with a relatively minimal outlay.

For proof that fitness businesses need not cost an arm and a leg in overhead, one need look no further than Energy Fitness. Energy Fitness has mastered the art of offering a huge array of services in only a compact area. This efficient use of size gives us a leg up on our competitors who often have to spend more for a larger location.


2. You have to specialize

Another thing people misunderstand about the fitness business relates to specialization. Many think that today, in order to be profitable, a fitness business must focus on one thing and one thing only. You must only be a hot yoga studio or you must only be a power-lifting gym. These types of specialized fitness businesses can be successful in certain markets, but they can be very risky. You never know if a given trend will be the next phase in fitness or a passing fad.

Again, this is where Energy Fitness provides an edge. Energy stays up to date to offer all the hot new trends in fitness as well as offering the tried-and-true exercise methods. In this way, Energy can appeal to all who are interested in any kind of fitness.


3. To make money, you have to be big and impersonal

A lot of people look around and see big name, cookie cutter gyms and assume that those are the only ones that make any real money. The problem with many of these gyms is, although they offer a lot of room and different machines, they often leave their customers to their own devices. As a result, gym goers are often unsure what to do and can be intimidated by more experienced fitness enthusiasts.

At Energy Fitness, we focus on offering both a diverse array of services and also a highly personalized experience. Over 50% of our revenue comes from our 1-on-1 training program, so a properly run fitness business definitely does not have to be impersonal.


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