The Advantages of a Small Gym Franchise

The Advantages of a Small Gym Franchise

Big gym franchises far too often offer an impersonal, anonymous experience. They’re so big, many customers become disenchanted or confused as how to meet their fitness goals and they stop going. And customers are not the only ones for whom the massive gym model does not work. Franchisees and potential franchisees are often not well-suited to this big gym model.


Purchasing any franchise requires some level of savings and investment. This is especially true of gyms, because you can’t open one up in small office. In addition to that, you have to get all the equipment necessary to run a successful gym; you can’t do it with two treadmills, some free weights, and a hulahoop. However, the staggering number of machines needed to populate an enormous gym makes buying a big gym franchise almost impossible for all but the wealthiest of investors. But there is an alternative: the small gym franchise.

Small gym franchises

The biggest advantage of a small gym franchise is in the name itself: it’s small. A smaller area means less overhead. You don’t need to find some old abandoned warehouse by the city limits, empty it out, clean it up, renovate it, and then fill it with ten-thousand exercise machines, only to have customers uninterested in traveling so far to visit. A smaller gym means smaller required investment, thus lowering the barrier to ownership. Furthermore, because it’s a smaller size, you’ll have more options for location, as small gym franchises are more flexible.

The key here is to do more with less. To maximize the efficient use of space. Lucky for you, Energy Fitness has managed to do just that. Our unique model allows us to offer a diverse set of services in a compact area.

Personal relationships

The anonymity of big gym franchises means you’ll have a considerable deal of difficulty getting to know many of your customers or even employees. You’ll be unable to forge personal relationships with them. Beyond the unfortunate consequence of missing out on a lot of interesting conversations, this can also hurt your business. By only ever interacting with small fraction of your customers, you won’t be able to have a strong understanding of what your customers want out of their gym experience. You won’t be able to hear what they like –and don’t like– about your gym franchise, thus making it difficult for you to anticipate their needs and make any necessary changes.
A small gym franchise allows you to be much more in tune with your customers. You’ll get to know a larger percentage of them and this will give you a better idea of how to cater to their needs. Better still, because it’s a small gym franchise, many of your customers will feel more welcomed, comfortable, and appreciated there. This will encourage them to be more open with their thoughts and feelings, giving you great insight into what’s working well in your gym and what can be improved.

Energy Fitness

Not only has Energy Fitness mastered the art of offering a plethora of great services in a compact area, we also know how to forge great personal relationships with our customers. Over 50% of our revenue comes from our great 1-on-1 personal training program, just another perk of owning a small gym franchise.


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