Exciting New Health and Fitness Business Ideas

Exciting New Health and Fitness Business Ideas

The days of running a fitness center out of a dank basement with a treadmill, weight machine, and a few medicine balls and expecting to turn a profit are long gone. There has never been a bigger market for health and fitness centers, but with this newfound massive market has come competition and niche services. To properly compete –and prosper— your fitness centre will need the right combination of broad appeal and specific, even tailored services to your customers. How can you do this? Simply read on and discover some exciting new health and fitness business ideas.


With the exception of a few well-placed centers, usually in large urban areas, fitness centers are best served by diversifying their services. A hot yoga only center or and exclusively crossfit gym can be profitable in certain markets, but it’s always a risk. A fitness center that offers a variety of programs and services will have a wider appeal and thus has a larger customer pool from which to draw. In this way, diversification is a reliable health and fitness business idea, but it is not fool proof.

Avoid cookie cutter syndrome

If you have a health and fitness business idea that relies on appealing to the largest amount of customers possible, you’re off to a good start, but there are pitfalls. If your gym is so generic and bland that it comes off as impersonal, you won’t be able to conjure up a strong attraction in any potential customers. It’s human nature, but sadly, we often view places that are “for everybody” as being “for nobody” because it has no appeal to any person or group specifically.

Specificity is the soul of success

So, what kind of health and fitness business idea can manage to appeal to potential customers’ specific interests yet not alienate other potential customers? Well, it’s not easy, but for one successful model, you’ll need to look no further than Energy Fitness. Energy Fitness offers a diversified array of exercise and health options in a compact location. We cater to all the hottest fitness trends as well as the tried-and-true methods of exercise and wellness. This way, we can appeal to people’s newfound passion for the latest exercise craze but because we also provide all the more classic methods, nobody is likely to feel left out.


The most exciting new health and fitness business ideas concern personalization; you have to make your customer feel special. The best way to do this is to appeal to their needs and desires specifically. No model is better suited to this than that of Energy Fitness. Our focus on our 1-on-1 personal training programs is so dedicated that it generates over 50% of our revenue. Adding that personal touch and listening to out clients guarantees that each and every customer gets exactly what they want.

And delivering what your customers want is the best business idea of all.

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