How to Choose the Best Fitness Franchise for Sale

How to Choose the Best Fitness Franchise for Sale

So you’ve decided to buy a fitness franchise. Great! Fitness franchising has proven an interesting, rewarding, and profitable, career path for many business people and entrepreneurs. But you have to choose the right franchise to buy. You don’t want to go all in on an Olivia Newton-John style aerobics center only to realize it’s not 1981 any more.

But seriously, it is true that a lot of people have lost their shirts in the fitness business because they chose the wrong franchise. It’s a very important decision, so how do you make sure you get it right? Well, reading this article is a great first step, so keep on reading and discover how to choose the best fitness franchise for sale.


As referenced in the intro, the fitness business has gone through myriad fads over the years. When looking at fitness franchises for sale you must be wary of any franchise that focusses too much on just one new fitness trend. These types of gyms can be a goldmine for a short period, but once the trend settles down –or worse, disappears— all you have is an expensive jazzercise studio with only 6 recurring customers. You’ll want to choose a gym that offers the time-tested methods of exercise, or better yet, one that offers a diverse array of old and new fitness methods.


Affordability is, of course, a key component in deciding to buy any franchise (or anything for that matter). It is especially important when choosing the a fitness franchise for sale, though, because so many fitness franchises require a huge investment in overhead. A lot of gyms are enormous and filled with tons of expensive equipment and machinery. This is great for the few who can afford it and are well-located to make their money back, but for most, the initial costs are prohibitively high. You will need to find a fitness franchise for sale that does the most with the smallest possible area.

A helping hand

Far too many companies just want their franchisee’s signature on the dotted line and then leave them to succeed or fail on their own. And without a strong support system, far too many of them fail. When looking at fitness franchises for sale, consider the process of buying a franchise, choosing a location, setting up, and getting through those first few rocky months. You’ll want to buy into a franchise from a company with a strong reputation for helping their franchisees every step of the way.

Energy Fitness

At this point, we would be remiss if you we didn’t point out that Energy Fitness ticks all of these aforementioned boxes. Energy Fitness franchises offer a diverse set of services, both old, faithful exercise regimens and the hottest new fitness trends. Not only that, but Energy Fitness offers all these services in a compact area, saving franchisees money. And lastly, Energy Fitness helps franchisees through every step of the process, so you will always have support when you need it.

So how do you choose the best fitness franchise for sale? Well, you can’t go wrong with Energy Fitness! For more information, please contact us today!


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