Qualities of the Best Gym Franchises

Qualities of the Best Gym Franchises

What do the best gym franchises have in common? Well, quite a lot actually. If you’re looking into buying a fitness franchise, it’s best to map out how you plan to be successful. And there’s no better way to be successful than to look at what other successful businesses in your field have done and understand why it works and how you can make it work for you. So read on and discover the shared qualities of the best gym franchises.


Most gym franchises that have found lasting success have done so on the back of a plethora of services which they offer. While it is absolutely true that some franchises have found great success by offering just one or two services (such as some yoga studios) these success stories are often the exceptions to the rule. The majority of successful gym franchises have managed a way to offer a diverse array of services and options to their customers, thus broadening their appeal and creating a larger possible market for their services.

Personal Connections

The majority of the best gym franchises have succeeded because they have forged a strong relationship with their customers. There are some giant, cookie-cutter gym franchises that manage to succeed despite their impersonality, but this model does not have a great record of success. Chances are, if you want to run one of the best gym franchises, you will have to make each and every customer who walks through your front door feel welcomed, appreciated, and comfortable. A well-regarded 1-on-1 personal training program is a great way to make sure that your customers get the best out of their fitness experience and that they feel respected and wanted.

Good reputation

In the fitness business, as in any business, as in life, reputation is everything. You’re only ever as good as your reputation and the best gym franchises know this. Customer referrals are the lifeblood of the best gym franchises. When one of your customers’ friends says she’s looking to join a gym and asks if she knows of any good ones, you don’t want your customer saying, “Well, I go to this one gym, but I don’t love it”. No, the customers of the best gym franchises say, “Absolutely! You should come to my gym, it’s great!”

Minimal overhead

Buying a gym franchise can be a daunting task when you consider the area needed for such a large business as well as all the equipment to furnish it. The best gym franchises know this and they try to minimize costs whenever they can. The best gym franchises will rely on a model that allows them to offer all the necessary services but in a compact location, cutting down on overhead costs.

Energy Fitness

Energy Fitness is a top gym franchise that offers a dizzying array of services that range from the oldest and most trusted exercise methods the hottest and newest fitness trends. Energy also has a hugely successful 1-on-1 personal training program that accounts for over 50% of its revenue. Not only that, but Energy Fitness manages to do all this in a compact area. Sound familiar? It should, because Energy Fitness has all the qualities of the best gym franchises.

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