Smaller Gym

A lot of people like the feel of a smaller gym. Its more personal and we hold clients accountable.

Robert Southall
GM Pittsburgh Pro Fitness

Personalized service

Many people are drawn toward boutique style gyms because they offer more personalized service. You get to know the owners and trainers and more importantly, they get to know you.

JoAnn Klimovich

Size vs Cost

The new generation training gym is 7,500-16,000 square feet, operates at a much lower expense and can function with only 10-15% of the membership needed to fill a mainstream box.

Thomas Plummer
Club Insider, January, 2016

Time to Attack

If there was every a time to attack in this {fitness} industry by anyone looking for growth opportunities, it would be this year.

Thomas Plummer
Club Insider, January, 2016