In order to be a truly great fitness franchise, we believe that it is important to have a mission statement which helps to foster the same sense of belonging and spirit of excellence that has made our existing clubs the success they are today.

We ask that prospective franchisees review this vision to see if it is something they can not only buy into, but be incredibly passionate about every day!  This is the most important part of leading and motivating your team and your members to achieve their very best.


To create a close knit Fitness Family of Energy Franchisees who will deliver an amazing Energy Fitness experience to hundreds of communities across the US, and support one another as we grow the Energy brand together.


To spread Energy throughout the US and make it a force for positive transformation in the communities we serve and in the world.


  • We are a team
  • We guide by example
  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We come to work with a positive attitude
  • We act honestly, passionately and lovingly

It is our goal to live up to the values in our vision statement every day. It is these values that help to set Energy Fitness apart from other clubs in the industry. It is also these values that help to create the supportive environment that we are known for, what truly attracts people to Energy.

We are serious about fitness, but we are always guided by the principles that will keep our members coming back time and time again, and encourage them to bring their loved ones into experience the Energy difference.