What You Need to Know before Starting Your Own Fitness Business

What You Need to Know before Starting Your Own Fitness Business

So you’re interested in starting your own fitness business? That’s great! But you have to make sure you are ready. Enthusiasm is a great thing to have, but jumping to the fitness business headfirst without much care or forethought is a recipe for disaster.


Luckily for you, we are here to help. This article is meant as a brief primer; a means to get you considering some important points about the fitness business before you start your own. So read on and discover some things you will need to know before starting your own fitness business.


1. Passion and Knowledge are both key assets

Let’s say you’re a successful business person and entrepreneur, but you’ve never worked out a day in your life and you have no friends or family who are into fitness. Or, maybe you’re a fitness junkie and you live to train and workout, but you haven’t worked in the business world since your childhood lemonade stand went bust. Neither of these are ideal.You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or marathon runner to run a successful fitness business. Nor do you need to be a master business person with experience running a Fortune 500 Company. But you should know a little bit about both worlds if you want to start your own fitness business.

If you have a history in business and franchising and think a fitness franchise might be a path to success, well, you’re right. But if you’ve never been to a gym, you should go to one to check things out. See why it appeals to people and what they want from their fitness club. Conversely, if you’re a fitness enthusiast but unfamiliar with franchising, that’s ok too! Take some time to learn about what’s required, and then come see us at Energy! We guide our franchisees through every step of the process, so you need not be a business mastermind.

2. The Importance of Customer Relations

Customer relations are important for all businesses, of course. But fitness clubs need to maintain special relationships with their members if they are to succeed. If you run, say, a restaurant franchise and one customer has one bad experience at one location, it is unlikely to have a significant effect on your franchise or the brand as a whole.But because fitness clubs’ customers are members who intend to return regularly to that specific club or other clubs under the same brand, a dissatisfied member can be very bad for business. You’re unlikely to get new members to join if they ask around and hear bad things about your club, so before you start your own fitness business, you need to make sure you’re joining a team who focuses on customer satisfaction and retention, and with our unique model, nobody does that better than Energy.

3. What are you getting into?

Before you can start your own fitness franchise, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. What are your options for locations? How much capital do you need? What kind of income can you expect?Thankfully, we can answer all of your questions! Just head over to our FAQ page or contact us to find out more about starting your own fitness business and joining the Energy team today!


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