The importance of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle has never been so evident. There are many out there who would join a gym if only they could find one that meets their needs.

Energy Fitness was created when two brothers identified a serious gap in the fitness market. These days, everyone wants to be fit and healthy. But they don’t want to go to a huge, impersonal gym where no one talks to them – neither do they want a gym that is so small that it isn’t able to offer the support, training or equipment they need to reach their goals.

Energy Fitness is a boutique full service fitness club that offers the perfect blend of both large and small. Large enough to offer a diverse range of personal training, fitness classes, and equipment – yet small enough to feel like you’re among family and friends when you go.

At Energy Fitness, we provide a personalized, fun approach to fitness while still being ultra-serious about helping you reach your goals – whether they involve losing weight, getting toned, gaining flexibility or sport specific training. Members enjoy diverse classes from cardio to yoga to kickboxing inspired workouts, all in a fun and supportive environment.

Highly skilled and motivating personal trainers are also on hand to help take your workout to the next level and give you the extra push you need to get and stay in the best shape possible.

The experience created by Energy Fitness cannot be duplicated by large gyms. Our goal is always to build strong, lasting relationships with every member. Our members, personal trainers and our group fitness class instructors have a sense of comradery not commonly found in other gyms. When a member reaches a goal or milestone, we celebrate right along with them – because at Energy Fitness, we are not merely trainers and clients or even workout buddies, we are family.